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Work in progress

  • Ferguson, S., & Heijmans, R.J.R.K. Do Domestic Climate Policies Stimulate the Export of Polluting Technologies? Evidence From Trade Data.
  • Capitán, T., Goeschl, T., Heijmans, R.J.R.K., & Naso. P. Stabilising Cap and Trade Markets in the Lab.
  • Heijmans, R.J.R.K., & Rausch, S. Carbon Prices and the Social Value of Emissions.
  • Heijmans, R.J.R.K., & Suetens, S. Comparing Policies to Solve Coordination Problems.
  • Heijmans, R.J.R.K., & Van Damme, E. Sequential Global Games.
  • Heijmans, R.J.R.K., & Spiro, D. Multiple Expectations-Based Equilibria in the EU ETS.


Principal investigator

  • Trading Emissions to Combat Climate Change: Problem or Promise?” Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse program grant, number P22-0229. SEK 1,370,000 (stipend; exempt from taxes). 2023-2026.


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  • Macroeconomics (BSc)
  • Economics for Social Sciences (BSc)
  • Game Theory (MRes)
  • Environmental Economics (BSc)


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