Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Working papers (up-to-date manuscript available)

Work in progress

  • Network Subsidies
  • Comparing Policies to Solve Coordination Problems, with S. Suetens
  • Carbon Prices and the Social Value of Emissions, with S. Rausch
  • Commitment and Climate Policy, with D. Spiro
  • Sequential Global Games, with E. van Damme


Principal investigator

  • Trading Emissions to Combat Climate Change: Problem or Promise?” Handelsbanken Research Foundation, number P22-0229. SEK 1,370,000 (stipend; exempt from taxes). 2023-2026.


PhD Students

Max Engström (co-supervisor)

MSc theses

Approximately 10

BSc theses

Approximately 15


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  • roweno.heijmans(at)gmail(dot)com
  • NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Department of Business and Management Science, Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Norway
  • By appointment